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Big purrr herbal tea blend is particularly made to increase the lubrication in the pum pum -your vagina-

Drinking this cup of herbs brings a extra layer of sticky goodness your partner will never forget💦💦💦💦

Made with peach fruit powder


Enhance your sexual desire with our line of natural sexual stimulating herbal teas. These teas are made with herbs that relax while giving your lower body a much needed boost, enhance libido, serve as aphrodisiacs and can also help fight against problematic issues such as but not limited to

Vaginal dryness

Yeast production

And Low sex drive


These herbal blends have sweet layers of honey and fruit combined for a fantastic cup of tea


Top ingredients


Oat straw


Slippery elm

Fruit powder



tea bags: Steep 1 bag for 5 minutes in 8 oz. of 212ºF water with agitation. Remove bag and squeeze out excess.

french press: Steep 1 -2 tea spoons of herbs for 5 minutes in 8- 16 oz. of 212ºF water. press herbs down to the base of french press and pour.

Big Purrr herbal tea blend

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