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Having issues with your asthma or bronchitis?

Having respiratory issues

Runny nose

Trapped mucus


Can’t sleep?!

Need something to step up at game time?!

Perfect king bron is just the player you need.

This spicy tea gets the job done so that all of that mess that’s throwing you off in your body gets put out.

And yes it has cayenne pepper 🌶 in it. And the heat of the pepper hits different in this warm tasty spiced just right tea. All blended to get that mucus right up out of you.

Top notes:




Cayenne pepper


tea bags: Steep 1 bag for 5 minutes in 8 oz. of 212ºF water with agitation. Remove bag and squeeze out excess.

french press: Steep 1 -2 tea spoons of herbs for 5 minutes in 8- 16 oz. of 212ºF water. press herbs down to the base of french press and pour.

King Bron(chitis)

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